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Stay tuned for the adventures of Cadbury! and his new best buddy Bailey!

We picked up the "CAD" and brought him to his new lifetime home in Spokane Washington.

Cadbury is very happy in his new home! Turns out he has become a bit of an internet sensation, however, he remains his humble lovable self. He is hoping that all his fans will help him encourage the adoption of senior dogs by joining his facebook page , cadbury the heckinpup The big news is that his Tshirts are now available for sale on the facebook page. All proceeds go to shelters and organizations that support senior dog adoption.


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 We are so happy to have Cadbury in our home and will enjoy sharing his adventures with all  who have shown him so much love and attention during his search for a family.  We will post links to his facebook, twitter feed and others soon. 

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So many people have asked for t shirts that we have decided to make them up and sell with all proceeds going to further the adoption of senior dogs. Stay tuned